EvoSmall Grand Prix

Glebe House Saturday 24 July 2021

A one-day indoor / out (Evolution) style competition for horses and ponies of all sizes an abilities

*** Entries now open ***

To take place in parallel with the Glebe House Regional event on 24 July 2021.

By kind permission of Jane and Tony Robinson, Glebe Farm. West Grinstead Estate, W Sussex RH13 8NE (https://w3w.co/appealing.crashing.dragons).

Class 1: Small ponies of 112cm and under
Class 2: Large small ponies of 113 to 148cm
Class 3: Extra large small ponies of 149cm and upwards (also known by some as "horses")

(Entries in class 1 who drive a 2-wheel carriage may have their groom on the ground as per indoor rules).
More classes may be added depending on entries.
Marathon width carriages (125cm), marathon gear, hard hats for dressage and cones, plus back protectors for obstacles.

** All horses must be vaccinated against equine influenza **

Dressage: the new 2021 Novice test (https://britishcarriagedriving.co.uk/dressage/bc_novice_2021.pdf) to be scaled out of 100 penalties (so that you end up with a score out of 100 same as Indoors). Notes: Medium trot is more extended than working but less than a full extension. Walk should be on the bit, free walk

Cones: a challenging course of ten gates scored indoor rules (5 penalties for each knock-down plus time penalties for going too slow or too fast).

Obstacles: 2 obstacles to be driven twice scored to indoor rules (1 penalty for each second in the obstacle + 5 penalties for each knock down)

Entries online only:
BHC Members £40
Non-members (to include day membership of BHC): £45
Junior BHC members: £35
Junior non-members (to include day membership of BHC): £40

Enter here (link opens in new window)

With exceptions the rules are the rules of Indoor Driving http://www.indoordriving.co.uk/pdf/icd_rules_2019.pdf

Exceptions are:
Dressage test to have one judge assessing both precision and paces. 1 mark out of 10 will be given for each element out of a total maximum of 200 and scaled to give penalties out of 100 (as per Indoor Rules)
Membership of Indoor Carriage Driving is not required for this event.
This event will not be a qualifier for the Indoor Finals.

*** Covid restrictions may still apply depending on the state of the country by the time of the event. Entrants will be advised  ***

Basic rules

Access is permitted to the Glebe Farm Estate for the duration of the competition only
All ponies must be over 4 years old
It is compulsory for properly secured hard hats to be worn by everyone on a carriage for the duration of the event. Body protectors must be worn in the obstacle phase .
Entrants should satisfy themselves that the condition of their vehicle and harness is adequate to meet the demands of competition driving.
Drivers must be accompanied at all times by a competent groom of at least 14 years old. Junior whips under 18 must be accompanied by an experienced adult cleared by the organising committee. Minimum age of driver is 10 years.
All lorries and trailers must carry fire extinguishers
Dogs are to be kept on leads at all times.


The Organisers reserve the right to :
a. cancel the Event or any Class
b. divide, combine or create any class
c. alter the advertised venue and date
d. alter start times and entrants’ running order
e. refuse any entry without giving a reason
f. refuse to start or to remove during the Event any person whose conduct is deemed to be against the best interests of the sport or any outfit, if the standard of driving, fitness of horse/pony inadequate for the rigours of the event.

Health and safety

Health and Safety standards will be in force always. All persons on the show ground or course will be held responsible to comply with these standards at all times and will not put themselves or any other person at risk in any way whatsoever. Any accident shall be reported to the Safety Officer or Event Secretary at the time of the occurrence. A report shall be entered into the Accident Report Book and the relevant forms completed.

Disclaimer : Neither the Organising Committee of any Horse Driving Trials to which BCD Rules apply, nor British Carriage Driving, nor any landowner, nor any agent, employee or representative of those bodies, save for the death or personal injury caused by negligence of the organisers or any of whom they are in law responsible, accepts any liability for any accident, loss, damage, injury or illness to horses, owners, drivers, grooms, spectators, land or any other person or property whatsoever, whether caused by their negligence, breach of contract, or in any way whatsoever.

Contact the secretary Ade MacLeod at 2@1m.ltd.uk

** A fun day out for all the family especially the hairy members who bite and kick and like to charge about **